Canal Notes Clicks – April 8th


Hope everyone is enjoying the early days of spring!  This winter has given us a longer list of home improvement projects to tackle before next winter comes along.  Winters in New Orleans are generally very mild, but we had a few really cold days this year, which felt even colder in a home which isn’t properly winterized! Here’s what I’ve been up to while waiting for spring…

Just came back from the Caribbean where I was really glad that I brought along good sunscreen.  This article from The Food Babe (I love her!) describes some of the chemicals you’ll want to avoid when buying sunscreen.  I’ve tried a few different safe sunscreens and the ones I like best are Lavanila and the Honest Company.


The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains. Ok, so it’s not exactly light reading, but I think everyone should read this excellent article from the Atlantic which is a great overview of the chemicals we are exposed to everyday and the problems they cause (lower IQs, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, cancer, endocrine disruption, fertility and reproductive issues, etc). It also explains how the United States is far behind on regulating these chemicals. As you probably know, I am very concerned about this issue and have made efforts to improve the air quality in our home by using air purifying houseplants, reduce our use of plastics, decrease our lead exposure, and use safer non-toxic household cleaners.  Reading this article may make it seem overwhelming, but my advice is to start with making one healthy change and go from there.  At the very least, read the article and be aware.

Sending flowers…
Have been using this new online flower delivery service called The Bouqs the last few times I’ve needed to send flowers and I’m really pleased with the results. The flowers are fresh and sent directly from the grower rather than placing your order through a local florist. They have lots of different bouquets to choose from and they are all simple and elegant, delivery is included in the price and they don’t try to get you to add cheap chocolate or balloons onto your order.  I also love that the company is eco-friendly and that their farms are ethical employers that provide a living wage, healthcare and other benefits.

The Bouqs

I made my favorite organic coconut shower scrub with sea salt instead of sugar – works just as well, if not better! One 15 ounce tub of this organic coconut oil and 3 pounds of sea salt from the bulk section at Whole Foods made 2 tubs of scrub (I use the leftover coconut oil containers).  Here are the full details on how to make it. Seriously, it is super-easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Let me know if you’ve tried and what you think!


Marveling at the wonders of ACV…
I was going to do a post on the wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar, but then I got this from one of the blogs that I read regularly – great article. Is there anything Apple Cider Vinegar can’t do? I use Omega Nutrition organic ACV.

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    Faith says

    I can attest to the flower delivery service being a good one since I have received some of them! :) I will have to try the coconut scrub with sea salt. I really like that idea. I will also try one of those sunscreens on my next beach trip!

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