Canal Notes Clicks – March 5th


Made this French pound cake (Le Quatre Quarts) from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking (volume 2).  Like every recipe I’ve tried from this classic cookbook, it was a hit. Simple and tasty with or without frosting (I used the Deluxe cream cheese frosting from the Southern Living cookbook). Just as an aside – Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom is a great little book for those a bit apprehensive to jump into the large two volume set (or those without the storage space!).  Lots of great tips, but also some of her favorite recipes from all of her cookbooks. So far, my hands down favorite cake is the Queen of Sheba cake (La Reine de Saba). Never fails to impress, and it’s actually pretty easy to make (I use cognac in place of rum).


Came across a blog called The Domestic Man which focuses on recipes following the Paleo diet (basically a focus on whole unprocessed foods, what our hunter/gatherer ancestors would have eaten).  Lots of interesting recipes – I’m looking forward to trying the Whole Roasted Cauliflower.  The author of the blog has just released a cookbook The Ancestral Table which also looks good.


Great article from Healthy Child Healthy World on cookware safety – not just the widely known dangers of Teflon (which include “Teflon flu,” compromised immune system, arthritis, liver/thyroid/cholesterol problems) – but also non-anondized aluminum and copper.  The safest options? Glass, 100% ceramic, stainless steel, and good old cast iron. My next cookware purchase will be an Xtrema ceramic pan – these are pricey but supposed to be worth it – completely safe, naturally non-stick, dishwasher safe and lightweight. Stay tuned for my review :)


Plastic vs. Wooden Cutting Boards – guess which one is more sanitary?
I am a big believer in eliminating the use of plastic whenever possible (see my previous post on plastic safety and some good alternatives), but even I was surprised to read this research from the University of California – Davis which indicates that plastic cutting boards are actually more likely to harbor bacteria than wooden ones.  Glad I stocked up on these bamboo ones. They were the only wooden cutting boards I could find which claimed to be dishwasher safe, and I fully expected them to warp and crack, but so far they have survived the dishwasher with no problems. When they start to look really dry, I rub a bit of olive oil on them.


Getting Crafty…
Inspired by this project on Young House Love (one of my favorite blogs), my sister and I made this clock for the nursery. I love the way it turned out!  Now just need to find some sweet little figurines to put behind the fence and on the shelf.


Fun with Apple Photo Streams…
I’m always amazed that more people don’t know about this function on your iPhone or other Apple products. Such a great way to share photos with specific family and friends without overwhelming your Facebook feed – or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable putting photos of yourself or your child online. We satisfy the family members’ desire for daily photos by using Apple’s Photo Stream function. It’s on every iPhone (as long as you have iOS 6 or higher).  It is quick and easy to use and it’s only visible to those who are subscribed. You manage the list of subscribers, and when you add a photo to your shared photo stream, the subscribers get a notification on their phones.  It only works on Apple products for now, though you can make your photo stream publicly viewable and share the link for anyone with web access.   Here’s a link to the Apple FAQ on Shared Photo Streams.


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    Faith says

    Can’t go wrong with Julia Child. :) I didn’t know they made wooden cutting boards that are dishwasher safe. I will definitely be checking that out! I will be interested to hear how your ceramic pan works as well. I use stainless steel and cast iron myself.

    I love the iPhone photo stream function! You are right that many people still aren’t familiar with it, but they should be. :)

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      Thanks Tina – I’ve been doing a lot of DIY these days! The joys of owning an old house…lots of character, lots of maintenance. Little projects like the clock are fun though :)

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