Easy Organic Shower Scrub

Organic Body Scrub

This is my latest obsession. After spending over a month in northern Europe over the holidays, and then coming back to an unusually cold spell in New Orleans, my skin was lizard-like.  I used all of my favorite moisturizing shower scrub from REN and needed something else right away.  I had been applying coconut oil to very dry spots and then realized I could probably make a simple scrub with sugar and coconut oil and….wait, that’s all! So I gave it a shot and it worked out just great.  I have been using it the past few weeks and my skin has never been so soft! I also like that it’s a time-saver: using the scrub in the shower means I can skip body lotion afterwards. Update: I have also tried making this with sea salt and it’s just as great!

Here’s how I made it: Take 1 part organic coconut oil (I used this Nutiva coconut oil) to 2 parts organic cane sugar (or sea salt).  If you use the same size Nutiva coconut oil that I use which is the 15 ounce size, then you’ll need about 3 pounds of sugar or sea salt. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so I put it in a pan and turned the heat on VERY low. The coconut oil melts almost immediately.  Then I poured in the sugar and stirred.  That’s it! Seriously – it took me less than 5 minutes.  I scooped it into a couple of containers (I used the coconut oil container and the one my REN scrub came in).

coconut sugar scrub

I like that it has very little scent (just a mild coconut scent), because I tend to prefer unscented or mildly scented products.  But you could easily add some of your favorite body or bath oil, or a few drops of essential oil if you want to mix it up a bit.

Normally I ration out products like this to make them last longer.  But I’ve been piling this stuff on every time I take shower, since I know it’s so easy to go downstairs and make another batch :)

This is the first time I’ve ever made any beauty products at home, but now I’m curious to try a few more.  Any ideas?


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    Faith says

    Wow, this sounds great and super easy! I like the idea of something with a nice, mild, natural scent in addition to being moisturizing and softening. I bet this would be great for feet too.

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    Lynnette says

    I will try it! I have terrible dry skin these days due to some aging issues ;-) .
    I would add some peppermint growing in my herb garden to give it more of a tingly feeling and smell nice.
    Something I have on my bathroom shelf is a plantain salve. It is made from the plantago major weed which grows everywhere. You see it quite often growing in sidewalk cracks. It’s quite hardy. Look it up on wikipedia to identify it correctly. I got it from a lady that makes it using beeswax and plantain (plantago major) infusion. She gave it to me for a case of shingles I had after spinal surgery. I bet you could infuse the plantain leaves and add it to coconut oil as well. Wikipedia says “For millennia, poultices of plantain leaves have been applied to wounds, sores, and stings to promote healing” It’s good for several different ailments. You can even eat it. It is said to contain the same of Vitamin A as a carrot.
    Gives you a whole new perspective of those weeds growing in sidewalks!

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    Ha. Brilliant. I’m obsessed with salt scrub but I only use a particular one and I know it’s expensive, and I know you can make them yourself… but hey ho, when you find your favourite product EVER, you stick with it.

    Here goes and as you’re in the States, it’s so much cheaper for you…
    I use the Lavender one… also love their Body Butter and and and … Karen is amazing and you can trust everything she does!

    Personally, I don’t eat sugar so don’t want any sugar in my blood stream.

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      Thanks for the recommendation, Tina! I’ve ordered the body polish to try – I love that they have a fragrance free version – it’s so difficult to find. I will let you know once I’ve tried it!

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